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Established 1959

Celebrating Over Half a Century of Strength in Steel Structures

For over 50 years, FWT has designed and fabricated custom steel products for a variety of applications in the transmission and distribution industries, including communication towers.

FWT is a manufacturer of custom steel structures and other products for utility transmission, distribution, substations and communication purposes. For over five decades, the FWT name has come to symbolize quality and leadership through innovation within the custom steel fabrication industry. The company’s extensive manufacturing facilities located in Fort Worth, Texas, and Hicksville, Ohio, allow FWT to meet customer needs in the utility and telecom industries throughout North America efficiently and as economically as possible.

Custom Steel Quality Is the Foundation of FWT

The selection of a well-qualified steel fabricator as a partner in developing your system infrastructure is a critical part of your growth plan. The level of service is just as important as the strength of the product. That’s why FWT continues to focus heavily on setting quality benchmarks across all areas of services, from manufacturing to providing truly comprehensive customer support.

FWT is a true partner in building your infrastructure, from traditional utility and communication products to innovative custom steel solutions. When you select FWT as your supplier, you receive the knowledge, innovation, and service that you expect and deserve. After all, FWT relies on your success as much as you rely on FWT.

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